My prediction

 Well, my prediction was right that I made yesterday 🙂

The Spring Beauty did bloom!

A Tiny Bluet (Houstonia pusilla) was open for business too!
Kinda surprise to see the frost this morning. Not sure why since the low was 23.3 degrees.

Frost/ice on the concrete.


2:30pm and 57 degrees.

This little patch of snow sorta looked like it frosted this morning?

I think I have been sucked in, down the rabbit hole. I hunted for more itsy-bitsy critters.
Whatever is it, it is green 🙂

This I am thinking maybe a flagellate which is a type of protozoa. I think this because it had a tail.

Not sure about this one.

This one I think might be dark rotifer.

And this one is for sure a rotifer! I found two of them. This was the first one.
Here it is wiggling just a bit. Pay close attention to the hind end which is on the left.

All the nematodes, rotifers and protozoa eat bacteria. The iron oxidizing bacteria is a filament shaped critter that I showed you yesterday. This one (if it is indeed bacteria) is smaller, faster, and a short capsule shape. It was just a tad over 2 microns and fits what I could find that says it might be a bacteria.  Too much FUN!

Keep looking!


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