Octopus roots

I have divided up the rest of the grasslands outing photos into two posts, one for today and another for the next post. 

This was cool gnarl. I see a head with arms wrapping around in a cloak.

A nice knot hole.

It was completely see-thru!

This was my favorite tree roots of the day!

Another view.

The root crossing the ravine had nice mosses.

You can easily see there are at least two different mosses on the root.

Closer view.

A view from down in the ravine at the roots. The cavity under the roots went back four or so feet.
Some kind of fungus had sprouted from a root.

There was hole to the surface I found when I crawled up under the roots. There was definite difference in the temperature under there.

Back side of one of the roots.

There were two holes to the surface.

Then I got the idea to try to get Gracie to stick her down the hole from the top. She was not interested. The orange is her collar on the right hole.
From the top, it was like an octopus!

Woodsia obtusa fern

This spider was cool. It only could be seen from just the right angle. There was small bits of debris in the web. The spider was hard to see but is just a bit off center to the left.

I found this poison ivy root interesting as it was stretched away from the tree bark.

Old Forest Service bountary sign.
A baby Ebony Spleenwort.

Splendid day! More tomorrow on the grasslands.

Keep looking!



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