Here comes the sun!

What is that strange ball of light trying to shine through??

Old well house. Some critter broke through the door back in the fall. Tracks are leading in and out of it this morning.

About 10am, a shadow!  But the sun still had not fully come out.

Dark-eyed Junco was ready to eat!

Yum, she says!

It looked the cardinal was using it tail to push off.


I’m able to stand much closer while the birds eat.
The water melting off the roof. Reminds me a glacier.

Real tree shadows by afternoon.

And a mostly blue sky! Yippeee!

The sun sets!

Our low today was 16.9 and the high was 31.4 degrees. A big shout out to Wise Coop for getting their customers back online. What a great job you do!

Keep looking!


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