More snow…

 We got another 1/2 to 3/4 inches of snow last night. Sure will be glad when this polar vortex leaves. Just a couple days more, right.

With the low of 15 degrees this morning, the frost did not produce as much on our windows. My first initial impression of this one, was a speed ice skater leaning forward, flying down the track.

Bird tracks on the front porch.

The wind must not have blown as much last night as the snow was on top of the iced bird bath this morning.

The mallard duck decoy barely showing.

Only one of our  bronze frogs showing. There are three in the group.

Snow on the Live Oak leaf. Another sign that wind was not blowing last night.
Since it was a balmy 15 degrees this morning, Gracie was having fun without her booties.

The anemometer’s tail was dragging.

The birds are really getting use to me putting out the seed.
Beautiful female cardinal and female Purple Finch!

I think this American Robin was probably sick or starving.

It let me and Gracie get closer than normal.

The obelisk got some snow on it too. It is turned off for the winter.

These were some interesting tracks. I think it was a bird’s (plus Gracie’s), but not sure who had turned up the debris.

Tracks! Love them!
This was interesting snow sign. I think it might be shrew tunnel. It was smaller than a mouse would be. Anyone have other thoughts on it?

Perhaps a field rat tracks.

Yellow snow, don’t eat LOL.
Not many people out traveling. Today the mail did not come. The Post Office said they didn’t receive any from their hub.
Gracie making her snow dog angel! 🙂

From chocolate chip cookies to the game of Monopoly, female inventors are second to none. 
High temp today was 25.9 degrees.

Stay warm and safe!


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