It was even colder this morning! Our low was -6.3 degrees. We have never seen it that cold here before. So far we have been really lucky and not experienced a power outage. Fingers crossed. I’m so sorry some of you are having them. By Friday hopefully we will get above freezing. Fingers and toes crossed right.

The frost on the window was different than yesterday’s
The sky was beautiful!

I put Gracie’s booties on her this morning. It seemed to help protect her feet from the cold.

Yeah she said!!! 
It was like Grand Center Station at this crossing in the path!

Drift was pretty high in the grass.

Snow stump owl.

A snow monster.
The branches are highlighted so it looks more like the Fighting Forest trees in the Wizard of Oz.

Gracie and snow on the nose!

What do you see? Snow monster or ?

Our water feature in the woods has turned into an ice palace.

The giraffe has a snow cap!

Gracie was happy. She was able to go on the full morning walk!

Hope we can keep our internet. Fingers crossed.
High today was 16.7 degrees. Light snow started about 4:30pm. 

Keep safe and warm!



  1. What a happy, happy Gracie! Such smiles for snow! I wonder if she remembers arriving as a baby in the snow to y'all.

  2. Suzanne, Gracie is cute with her booties BUT she would rather not wear them. Hard to get her to stand still to put them on her.

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