It got down to .7 degrees. That is very close to what the app say which was  zero. It took three times for Gracie to step out from the the front porch to go to do her business before it was light outside. Then she ran to and then back to the house as quick as business would allow. 
The sun!

What a welcome sight after so many days of clouds !!

Love the shadows!

Bunny tracks. 
Drifting snow. Maybe about a foot deep. 
Gracie found it much too cold on her feet. We took her home after only making it a little way on the usual morning walk. Notice she lifted one foot off the ground like she does when she gets a sticker in her foot. 

Snow covered mythical creature.

After taking Gracie back to the house, I took the birds their seeds in our woods. 

Male Cardinal looks suspended. 

Another snow monster. 
Not sure why the mockingbird was at the window ledge. Maybe getting water from melting ice?
Frozen duck

10 degrees warmer made it tolerable for Gracie. She even tried to make a snow dog angel and was eating the snow. 

High was 11.6 degrees at 3:30pm. 
Hope everyone is safe and keeping warm. 

Keep looking!

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