A two-fer

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day to be inside with your love ones, eh!  It has been lightly snowing here all day. Hard to tell how much but I would say about  1/2″. Wind is blowing it too much. ERCOT says try to conserve energy. ERCOT has an app if you want to watch what is happening.  I’m sure you have heard the wind turbines have frozen up. Started out this morning about 14 degrees. At 4pm it was 10.8 degrees. So this was two-fer day for walks for Gracie. Only two walks instead of the usual three walks.  It was not that I could not stay warm. It is just the hassle of putting on all the layers to keep warm.

Gracie was lively and frisky this morning!

Frozen in place LOL.  A 8am photo.

A 4pm photo.

I saw a mockingbird found this open area to get a drink earlier.

I love this big Post Oak. The bucket covers a water valve. (Morning walk)

A little snow does not stop Gracie.  This the 8am walk.

4pm walk.

Gracie tracks. All traces of the morning walk were gone by afternoon.

This morning, a couple of bluebirds flew out this box.

I checked this afternoon and no one there, but they had been eating Hackberry seeds.


Snow on the nose.

Birds actually let me get closer than usual. I guess they are more interesting in eating than getting ate.

Hard to get a photo when my glasses are fogged. Ha Ha!

Some of the snow is starting to drift.

At 5pm.  Snow is really coming down. Might have an inch and temperature down to 9 degrees!

This is cool…

Stay warm!

Keep looking!


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