Last photos from February 8th

A old yucca root.

Insect tunneling in the sandstone.

We found this in the seepy area. Not sure what kind of plant it is. I will have to go back and check for a bloom another day.

A curious looking root. I thought it was poop at first glance.

Bristlegrass. I love it.

I never tire of the colors in the sandstone.

More colors.

This particular unit gets prescribed burn fairly regularly. These brown shelf fungus really stood out against the charred trunk.

Galls on a Post Oak leaf.

An insect or spider winter home!
A spectacular view towards Alvord!
That is all from the Feb 8th grasslands adventure.
Here are couple of things I found today..
I was so surprise this Tiny Bluet (Houstonia pusilla) out today!

Bird bath spills over with ice!

Now this was an even bigger surprise! This is Frostweed (Vesbesina viginica) frosting again!

Closer view!

High 31.4 and low was 16.6 degrees today.
Stay warm!

Keep looking!



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