Continuing on with Tuesday’s grassland visit…

Bushy Bluestem. It likes the wet areas.

The sandstone is just wonderful!

It is like a sun!

Beautiful reds.

You can’t see too much of these colors? I would say not. 🙂

I can see a cat’s face in here.

Back further from the cat face.

Colors are awesome.

Maybe a sunset behind a tree…

Unfortunately, some people carve into the sandstone. You can see the heart near the top 🙁 

Red Prickly Pear cactus.

Red Greenbriar leaf.

There is a seep that seeps all year from this hillside.

Mussel fossil. On top of the mesa there is a layer of limestone and fossils.

The weathering of the side of the hill.

A cool thin rock.

Different angle.

Pretty neat rock I’d say!

Another fossil!

Holes in the side of the hill. The big hole had been used recently.

We had visitor watching us.

She had actually came down earlier to greet us. Gracie and her exchanged pleasantries. She also had her partner with her, but he was a bit more shy. They were from the house that sits next to this unit.

I briefly saw the sun today around 4pm.

I got this quarter in my change today went we stopped at Braum’s for an ice cream today. I like it.
Stay warm!

Keep looking!



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