Puff puff and be free

 The last part of Tuesday’s grassland hike…

Several of these plants were by the creek’s edge. I think it is probably Cursed Crowfoot or Celery-leaved Buttercup (Ranunculus sceleratus) by the shape of its leaves.
Wow, the shelf fungus on this downed tree was amazingly crowded.
Wasp nest slime mold (Metatrichia vesparia) is tiny, but worth the look.
Turban lichen (Cladonia peziziformis).
Not sure how the snag was still standing.
Huge fungus. It was probably 8 inches across.
Hanging roots and the bank carved out 3-4 feet behind the roots.
Limestone rocks in creek.
Some sorta orange stuff in the creek. I think it might be something called iron-oxidizing bacteria.  Even it is not this article is interesting: 
 I did see some oily-looking sheen about in the creek which is consist with iron-oxidizing bacteria. Glad it means the creek is healthy!

These shelf fungi were sure ragged.
Maidenhair fern that was mostly dried up. 
Greenbriar. Ouch!
Flat puffball.
The underside was this nice purple.
It took a little persuasion to get the purple spores to puff out.
Cool small puffballs on the creek bank.
Puff puff and be free!


Keep looking!


  1. That is a very interesting piece about the iron-oxidizing bacteria! Thank you for adding the extra tags to accompany your great photos!

  2. Suzanne, Next time I see some of the iron-oxidizing bacteria I need to collect it and look at it under the scope. I'm a lazy blogger so the tags are easier LOL and they have already done the work. And your welcome.

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