Plague doctor

Before I start in with the grasslands, I saw these “zipper” clouds today around noon (that is a name I just made up). The sky was clear by 3 pm.

 Continuing on with Tuesday’s grasslands outing…

Does this remind you of the Plague doctor?

We were in the safety zone, right.

A heart shape or a face, you decide 😉

Interesting that damaged tree was trying to heal in such a large portion of its branch.
Gnarly trees.
Green algae.

Close up.
White crustose lichen that were in pairs going up the young Hackberry.

Cicada exuviae.

Cool moss!

This vine was interesting like a centipede.

Mushrooms! The brown color was so beautiful!

View of the gills.

Split to see the stem.

The stem was a bit stringy.


Gracie found a beaver’s stick.
I will finish with the last of the grasslands photos tomorrow.
Keep looking!


  1. Another cool set of photos. I think the zipper clouds are caused by jet wash disrupting the wind patterns that move the clouds. The news meteorologist mentioned it yesterday.

  2. Yes looks like the plague doctor alright!
    The mushroom video is wonderful – who could have guessed all that mycelium can do?

  3. Judy, I don't know, but yes I suppose it could have. Also there had been a prescribe burn that could be a possibility as well. So I guess the fire could have done it too.

  4. Suzanne, That makes sense about the jets. I wonder if the fighter jets were out again? Pretty neato! Thanks for the info!

  5. Jeanne, Welcome! 🙂 I'm glad that science is looking more closely. Really cool stuff to be learned from nature! Amazing what scientists are discovering everyday. They are my heroes 🙂

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