It was a lovely day on the grasslands yesterday.

This big patch of Ebony Spleenwort (Asplenium platyneuron) was awesome. Until this year, I had not notice it anywhere except on creek banks and ravine banks.

Interesting partially dead tree.
The tree was trying to repair itself it looked like. I thought that was different in the largest of the repair.

First sign.
This lovely beaver’s dam was found in the creek. 

Looking up behind the dam. The creek is flowing from top to bottom in the photo.

Closer look at the beaver engineers work.
Gracie thought this was too steep to get in. It was a straight down drop into the water. We could not see the bottom. I estimate to be at least 3 feet or more deep.

One of their trees. I didn’t take a photo of it but some of the young felled trees were sprouting new shoots. 
It was a steep drop to the creek. You can just make out Gracie and her orange at the bottom.

Beavers do a great job of storing water and this was the second dam. There were several small dams as well.

And trapping sediment.

The algae was growing in the stiller waters.

I will leave you with this running water further pass the beavers’ work.  Tomorrow I show you the other finds.

Keep looking!

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