It was cloudy all day, but not bad out with no wind.

These fungi are rock hard.

They are a polypore type.

They each had a hole in the top and you can see the other tiny insect holes too.

Every time I turn over a branch and find fungus, it like finding treasure. And when the digestive enzymes are there it is like liquid gold. 🙂
The Leucodon julaceus stands up straight when wet. Looks like a miniature forest.

The lichens like the dampness too!
I thought these hackberry roots were cool. This area gets washed a lot when there is heavy rain.
This leafy liverwort is very tiny. The individual leaves are probably about 1 mm. 

First I see these feathers. I am not sure who they belonged too.

Then about 200 some feet later I come across more. Not sure if the feathers above belong to the same species.

Then I find more!

So I laid them all out. They belong to a meadowlark. I lean to an Eastern Meadowlark, but Western Meadowlark is very similar. The 3 on the left are tail feathers. The yellow tipped ones would be belly and breast. The bottom 4 are flank feathers.
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Keep looking!


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