Dripping rock ravine

Turban Lichen (Cladonia peziziformis) was still hanging on. It was there when we were there back in the summer.

Purple Cliff-brake (Pellaea atropurpurea), mosses, and Turban lichens.

Hanging roots and a hole in the side of the ditch.
This nostoc was laying on the ground. It was partial dry and wet. The black part is dry. Looks alien to me.

The sandstone had such cool patterns.

Close up.

Love the layers and the mud drips down creating these pictograph like images.

Looks just like wet paint spilled.

Close up.

Here the drips get more 3 dimensional.

Close up.


That red rock was just that red. The afternoon sun illuminated it perfectly.

Pebble Pixie-cup lichens (Cladonia pyxidata). They are cups for the fairies. 🙂

What do you make of this one?

Luckily there is a path along the creek for the humans, but Gracie appreciates the water.

Pottery wasp’s casing. Looks like something opened it up or that is where the larva emerged. Do you see the spider’s exuviae?

A dead end to the dripping rock ravine and that’s all from Monday’s grasslands adventure.

Keep looking!



  1. What a great set of photos! And, since you asked, that root mass towards the end looks like the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings to me.

  2. Suzanne, Since I am not very familiar with the Lord of the Rings, I looked up Balrog and I agree it does resemble it. And thanks, it is a wonderful place!

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