5.38 miles

 That’s how far Gracie went on the grasslands yesterday. Humans went only 2+ miles in the three and half hours. 

A good part of the day was in the gullies and the creek bed. The side of some of the gullies were this red sandy/clay loam.

Roots and red sandy/clay loam were beautiful!
From the opposite side, the lighting was as bright as Gracie’s orange! These colors are not enhanced.

More roots and trees.
These half inch holes were in the gully wall. Looked like it had algae growing in them.

A spider found a nook to build a home.

Found this interesting insect casing. Almost like a mud dauber but not what I normally see.
Mud along the wall of the gully.
Roots covered this side of the gully.

Interesting tree at the edge. What do you think it looks like?
So as the info commercials say but wait there is more… on Monday’s grasslands outing tomorrow.

Keep looking!

And incase you missed it…

National Popcorn Day is today, January 19th. Yes it is a real thing. Be ready for National Squirrel Day on January 21th. and National Hugging Day (though only hug someone in your own household this year). You might want to make a pie on January 23th for National Pie Day. I know these will be important days to mark on your calendar to celebrate. And we all need to celebrate what we can these days, right. Go to nationaltoday.com to see more important dates to celebrate and/or honor.


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