A splendid day!

 With the rest of week with rain in the forecast, I just had to get out. And today was just beautiful out. So off to the grasslands we went! 

The leaves of Pin Clover (Erodium cicutarium) were this colorful red.

And it was blooming. It is a non-native plant. According to Wikipedia “it is native to Macaronesia, temperate Eurasia and north and northeast Africa, and was introduced to North America in the eighteenth century, where it has since become naturalized, particularly of the deserts and arid grasslands of the southwestern United States“.

Earthstar that had its rays enclosing the puffball part.

Bushy Bluestem (Andropogon glomeratus) along the creek. That is Gracie’s orange in the background.

Tiny mushrooms.

Switchgrass on the dam of a pond was glowing!
We found more of the hairy cap moss (Pogonatum brachyphyllum). This is what our goal was today to find and we did. We found several populations. Yeah!

I will show you more of what we found tomorrow in the ditches and the creek. 

Until then…

Keep looking! 

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