Many colors for winter

Greenbriar  (Smilax bona-nox) in the winter loses a lot of its leaves, but some hang on. Some are subtle.

Others do the camo-like thing.
Others are like a rainbow of colors.

And then some hold onto there green. As a famous frog once said it is not easy being green and that is especially true for Greenbriar in the winter.

Mourning Dove feathers found in our woods. All the big feathers are tail feathers. The other small feathers are flank and belly feathers.
Since Judy asked about the tiny pine cone that Gracie couldn’t be bothered with yesterday, here she is with two big pine cones!

Thought this was interesting article you might enjoy:

Mystery That Baffled Darwin Solved: Clever Strategy Some Flowers Use to Ensure Effective Pollination by Bees 

Keep looking!



  1. Feathers are especially beautiful and fascinating to me. Dont see many mourning doves anymore. Used to get some at my feeders but havent seen any in several years.

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