Squirrel! and other stuff too.

Gracie see something!

Looking up.

Looking straight at it. It is more visible now but still behind the tree.

I hoping she stays put. I told her too. This was a Honey Locust tree with BIG thorns.

Gracie gets closer and the squirrel finally goes up the tree. No harm for either.


This beetle is a Buttercup Oil Beetle (Meloe americanus) It is the only species in Texas that I could find on BugGuide. It is in the Blister beetle family. They active primarily during fall and winter. Notice the short wings. It is a female because the males in that genus have a crook in the antennas.

Sorta has ant-like front I thought.

We were brrr cold this morning at 24 degrees. This is our blackberry patch.

Blackberry leaves with frost.

Love how the frost crystals stand up.

An iridescent feather. Maybe a roadrunner?? Not sure but tis pretty.

Keep looking!


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