In case you missed it this morning. I had to take Gracie out for her business earlier than usual and was treated to this sunrise. I can’t resist taking a photo when it is this pretty.

This sap on the Common Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) was so black and shiny. We had trimmed the tree in the summer. Not sure why it just started to ooze the sap this morning or I had not notice before. 

This sap was upright so it was more globose.

I loved this one the best! It looks like a bird.
White fungus. I turned over multiple branches in the woods to find the fungus.

White fungus and a brown fungus.

Dark gray fungus.

This is the fungus I was looking for… Purple crust fungus (Phlebiopsis crassa). It was on a rotten post oak branch. Tomorrow I may go back to collect some so I can look at under the microscope to confirm the identification. While I was looking though my mushroom book today I found a better match for one of the previous posts. So an update and correction for the post “Slick as snot”.   I believe it is an immature Phyllus ravenelii or P. hadriani which a type of stinkhorn. 
Keep looking!


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