Bird poop

Bird poop on the Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana). This one is about 6 mm (1/4″). So it is pretty small and sorta look like a caterpillar don’t you think? 
This bird poop is about 15mm (1/2″). It has a bit more color. The Giant Swallowtail caterpillar is one that mimics bird droppings. Adult moths known as Bird-dropping moths also mimic bird poop. 
I took this photo back in April 2012 to illustrate the mimicry.  It is called the Olive-shaded Bird-dropping moth (Tarachidia candefacta). See how it resembles the bird droppings above? Nature is amazing!


This gall on the Post Oak (Quercus stellata) caught my eye in the bright sunshine. Galls are caused by many different critters including mites, beetles, moths, midges, aphids, and flies to mention just a few.

This Post Oak leaf that was very near to the gall above was glowing.
This brown fungus stood out against the lichens.

I suspect that this maybe the same kind of brown fungus as above, but it was shaped different. Both were on same fallen Post Oak branch.

Out in our front field I heard the Sandhill Cranes going over around noon. I estimated 35-40 at the time. I count 38 specks in the photo now.

Keep looking!


  1. I love the bird poop mimics! And speaking of bird poop itself, I came across quite a bit on the ground above an apparent tree perch. Maybe from that Great Horned Owl that was visiting the deer carcass so much.
    I had a very similar flock of sandhill cranes 2 mornings ago. Couldn't get to a camera though. Great that you could catch them.

  2. Mary, I love all of your beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions of what we’re viewing.
    Thanks for sharing your many talents.

  3. Kay, Thanks so much for your kind words. I enjoy sharing with y'all and I learn stuff too. Which is what it is all about in my book 🙂

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