Brown trees?


From a distance the majority of trees’ bark appear more gray to black like this willow or oak trees than brown in my opinion. Yes, I can see some browns in them too, but the overall appearance to me is grayish. So why do most kids color them brown? I have a theory that it is because they see the wood furniture in their homes is often brown. Just a theory 🙂 What do you think?
 As you can see in this closeup, there are many colors.

It can have many colorful lichens on it. Often the lichens can obscure most of the bark. The lichens do not harm the tree and is used by some birds for nests to camouflage for insects.

A fence post that I rotated the picture. It looks like a snake.

Up close you can see that it has grayish green crustose lichens on it.
Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) spiny balls reminds me of a virus under the microscope. 

Keep looking!


  1. That's a good question on brown vs gray tree coloring! It has always bothered me!!

    Sweetgum spiny ball look cool when burned in our fire pit too 🙂

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