Damp this morning

 We got .09″ this morning. It sprinkled a bit more around 11am. The sun came out this afternoon with a high of about 58. 

When the fallen leaves are damp, it brings out browns. I sure would not like this picture for a jigsaw puzzle.

This Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) stump pops in the damp weather.

A grasshopper wing is cool with its wing cells and the wing veins.

Fungus with a bright green moss to highlight it.

Fungus on a Honey Locust. It looks like it is dripping. Maybe Spongy Toothed Polypore (Sarcodontia pachyodon)

This fungus looks mad.

Ok, I arranged these snake vertebrae. 🙂

A little bright color this afternoon with Oxalis (Oxalis stricta).

Keep looking!


  1. Great comments and descriptions with the photos! Neat stuff to bring to our awareness. I have an idea for you. Take the snake vertebrae, clean them and paint them gold then hang them on a Christmas tree. If only you could encase that grasshopper wing somehow then dangle it from a branch as well.
    We've been blowing away today. big wind and gusts. Seen a few dust devils with all the wind wrapping around our buildings.

  2. Kathy,
    Thank you! On your idea for me, if you want I will save them for you. I don't need another project, but I bet you don't have enough to do :-). Do you want me to mail them to you?

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