There are many kinds of organisms that can be placed in the group fungi. They become noticeable when they produce their fruiting body. The puffball above is the fungus’ fruiting body. Most of time you don’t see them do their work of de-compositing of organic matter to their roles in nutrient cycling. 

This fungus is causing white rot by digesting the lignin and leaving the cellulose behind. There are fungi that do exactly the opposite causing brown rot. 

On this fungus, you can see the digestive enzymes oozing out.

Here the digestive enzymes are golden.

This one is cool spreading out with its fingers.

This has little white fingers sticking up. Maybe Milk-white toothed Polypore (Irpex lacteus).

Colorful stringy fungus.

A crust fungus.

Crust fungus.

 A roly-poly or pill bug in the white rot fungus.

Turn over a old log and you may see the fungus doing its silent but very important job.

Keep looking!



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