Daddy was not very hungry

Harvestman or Daddy Longlegs (Leiobunum vittatum) was eating a millipede (Aniulus). It was cold when I found it this morning which may explain why its legs were so weirdly positioned. I went back later and checked.  Daddy was still nearby but the head was all that Daddy wanted to eat. 

View of a thistle (Cirsium) leaf.

A side view of the sharp bristles on the edge of the thistle leaf with the soft hairs on the top of the leaf. The white bottom of this thistle is tomentose which means it is covered with short soft matted hairs.

The light was pretty cool on the dead willow branch.
Insect holes and tunnels on a dead willow tree. Looks like eyes and J nose of a cartoon character to me.

Keep looking!



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