Feeling goooood!

Hope y’all are feeling good and got to get out in this awesome weather. Gracie was feeeeeling good and a roll in the grass just makes it better. 

Cedar Elm’s (Ulmus crassifolia) have these corky wings/ridges on some of the branches.

This corky wings had galls (the pointy things) on it.
Another view. Cedar Elm is one of the host plants for Mourning Cloak and Question Mark butterflies.
Can you find the moon? The sky sure was blue today. These are Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) branches.

These Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) thorns were such a pretty wine red with the golden branch of new growth.
A glowing end of the day!

Keep looking!


  1. Great stuff as always Mary! those galls are really interesting.
    I sat in my blind yesterday afternoon since it was so pretty out and I got a new FOS bird that I had not seen in a few years. A Hermit Thrush. I did not realize how much smaller they are than robins but I got to see them side by side. Kinglet, cardinals, titmice and doves were active but the deer were not. My deer blind is useful for more than hunting. And so peaceful just to sit and listen to nature. You get really in tune with sounds when you sit in a box. Oh and the day before that I had Barred Owls! Those are rare around here. The Great Horned Owl is still first on the scene to feed on the axis carcass.

  2. Kathy, You are seeing such great critters down there. What a great place you have! Every now again I have thought getting a blind too, but never have. Claire and I did make a temp one for watching a Painted Bunting at her nest once. That was pretty cool.

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