Perfect weather

 Today’s weather was just absolutely perfect!

Robins on my birdbath.

Frosted coyote scat. Our low was 32 this morning.

The whitish knot looks like some sort of creature, but not sure what. LOL


Greenbriar (Smilax bona-nox) tendril. I think the tendrils are amazing the way they find something to hold.

I got these tiny 2×3 mm egg casings today. They look like powdered cookies. They were already broken and no idea what they are. Thanks Jeanne. 🙂

Leafy liverwort and a egg casing. Casing looks like a pac-man, eh.

Keep looking!


  1. It's a seagull, it's a duck, no it is Gonzo from Muppets.
    The tendrils look like bird legs and feet wrapped around the wire.
    We had beautiful weather to. Still extremely dry.
    This afternoon I had quite a surprise. A pair of Barred Owls were calling. The Great Horned Owls are common but the Barred are very uncommon.
    Our Great Horned Owl is still showing up at the axis deer carcass before sunset, first on the scene each evening. I walked up on it yesterday and got a close look of it standing on the deer rib cage and got to watch it fly to a nearby tree. Really cool to be that close.

  2. Kathy, I like Gonzo from the Muppets, but anonymous' suggestion I could see that too. It was like a familiar face that I couldn't quite place.

    Your axis deer is sure providing the nature watching. Love nature!

  3. I'm not sure who was "anonymous" but my husband said the same thing about a duck-billed platypus. funny.
    Yep and now I have to get that camera set up on that animal den I told you about. I'm going to check out my mammal book and see if it says anything about foxes placing sticks across the top of their opening.

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