Yellow bumble bee

 Yellow bumble bee was the highlight this afternoon for me. I looked for birds but didn’t find much in the way of our feathered friends….phoebe, cardinal, Great blue heron, egret and heard a white-eyed vireo.

Yellow Bumble Bee (Bombus fervidus) on  cowpen daisy. It was a busy bee.

Rucker’s Pond Unit 55 was full and had lots of Pink Smartweed. 
There is a Great Blue Heron way over in the snag.

Beautyberry was looking… well pretty.

Jimsonweed or Moonflower. Kinda late in the day to be open so it wasn’t.
Jimsonweed seed pod


Shelf fungus -Polypore and Witches Butter  (Tremella mesenterica

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