It was wet, eh.

We got 3.61″ over the last few days. Just wonderful! In the last post you could see our pond filled back up. Yesterday afternoon, Gracie and  I went over to look again. Dragonflies and damselflies were all over. Many were laying their eggs. I felt sorry for them because the pond does not hold water for any length of time anymore. But I did take a few pics 🙂

Bluets were numerous!
I had never noticed how fuzzy they were on the abdomen and face before. Not sure you can see in the photo.
Familiar Bluets. No really that is their common name 🙂
Common whitetail
Common Green Darners egg laying.

Notice the bulleye right below the eyes. 

Thought it was interesting the way she laid her eggs on the side off the stick.
Grasshoppers were doing a lot of hanging on the grass to get out of the water. Some were swimming.

Shelf fungus looking nice! Turkeytail (Trametes versicolor)

Yellow tiny fungus (Dacryopinax spathularia). Probably only about 3/8″ tall on a fallen trunk. I hope there are a lot more mushrooms that are going to pop today. 

A cicada wing. 



  1. Just similar shape and jelly-like. The Dacrymycetes are usually branched and other class Tremellomycetes (which Witches Butter is in)is not according to Wikipedia.

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