A Great Find

Since most of the units over at Caddo NG are rather large it will take many trips to try to cover the territory. Even then some parts we will never see. Just too far to go on a day trip for us. Doesn’t mean we won’t try our best. LOL.

So I turned this photo upside down. We were back at the pond and the reflection. This was the reflection!

We had a half dozen ravines/creeks to cross.
Others had been there too! πŸ™‚
A creature for sure!

Virginia Creeper covered a pimple mound like ground cover. In fact more was on the ground then actually climbing the trees.
Stopping to look at a Russel’s Henbit or Redpurple Beebalm (Monarda russeliana) when I noticed another plant.
Whoa it was the very uncommon Climbing Milkvine or Oldfield Milkvine (Matelea decipiens)!
Indeed this was a great find!
The flowers are a brick red with configuration like a pinwheel toy.

What a great new species for the Caddo NG!

Moths, It’s What’s for Dinner

Edward Dwight Aims for Space at Last

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Great video of drinking bats – elegant flight.
    And the quote at the end of the article on Dwight – all politicians should see the earth from space so they can see how special and fragile it is – perfect.

  2. The Matelea flower is very cool! And at our previous home in the Eastern Cross Timbers, our backyard ground cover under the post oak trees was Virginia creeper. It never tried to climb the trees much.

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