Three Turtles

Over four days last week at the Caddo NG we found three box turtles!

Overhead shot of the girl. However at this point I was not certain if it was a girl. Look for the brown eyes. Males have red eyes usually.
Definitely a lady!

Almost hidden, Jeanne almost stepped on this girl. Yikes! Number 2.
It appeared that someone had tried to get their teeth into her.

Another! Number 3.
At this point it was not with any certainty I could wait that long for her to move on.
Really shy! Who would give up first, me or her.

So I waited almost ten minutes for her to move away! But it was worth the wait to see her gorgeous markings!

Well according to this link, eye color is not enough to determine gender alone…Mr. or Ms. Box Turtle? Five Tips on Identifying Box Turtles’ Gender

I did not look at the other characteristic on the above turtles. Actually I did not even touch them. So I will have to start noting the other characteristics.


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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Wow, how wonderful to spot three in the space of a week! Sounds like life is good for box turtles at Caddo.

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