House Guest Leaves

On April 14 I invited a guest to live inside with us. It took 12 days before it was time for it to leave us.

Perhaps you remember my colorful guest all neatly tucked in its home? So yes, it had a home (chrysalis) within a guest home (jar) within our home(our house).

While we sitting in the shop, we notice a noise from the shelf. Our guest ready to leave! At the bottom of the jar it left this puddle. “In biology, meconium describes the metabolic waste product from the pupal stage of an insect that is expelled through the anal opening of the adult upon eclosion from the pupa. Other insects, such as beetles and some Hymenoptera (Aculeata) expel the meconium at the end of the larval stage, before becoming a pupa.” (
It had opened the zipper and crawled out to meet the world!
It was ready to get on with its life!

Spread your wings little friend!
Just enough time to get a few closeups!
What a beauty!

Even closer!

Thank you to the Variegated Fritillary for enriching our lives. Now it will join its mates!

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Hope to see you at the Trinity Forks chapter plant sale on Saturday!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Yay! That really was one of the most beautiful chrysalises I have ever seen. I have had some tiny moths coming in at night we we go through the door that though they are only 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, they are quite pretty. One was a peppergrass moth and the other one of the bird dropping moths. Mary check out my iNat posts of the tiny bugs that have been running on the ground in humongous numbers (nymph of something). A lady got it to subfamily but see if you can get it further.
    I’m in town and ready for 164 species and 2123 Texas native plants to go to new homes in our sale. Thanks for putting the link to the sale on your blog websites.

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