Small Stuff

Usually it is the larger plants and animals that we notice everyday. However, its the small stuff that we know so little about.

On this day we were in the open woods looking for the pimple mounds. Pimple mounds are my goals in this area because it is more likely to find the orchids I have been hunting for. Thus are eyes are peeled for signs of pink. So no pink in this area. However occasionally the pink wild onions would pop up and peak our attention momentarily.
Checking mushrooms, is it gilled or polypore? This one was a polypore and had many nibbles. But not a lot of insects visible this time.
Sometimes a visitor will just drop in, like this true bug nymph on us. You will know it is a true bug and not a beetle because it has small buds of wing pads. Beetles do not have this feature.

This photo is not upside down. The moss was hanging on a bank. In fact banks are great places to look for mosses!

Green fingers of a Cladonia stand tall!
Pretty moss!
Indeed the moss was even more interesting up close with the long twisty peristome (teeth). Definitely a characteristic that will help with the identification!

Shelf fungus and mosses really were pretty!

Do you know what kind of larva this cute guy is? Several clues to look for are the prolegs and ocelli (eyes). Sawflies have prolegs that usually are on all the segments. And sawflies only have one pair of eyes unlike moths and butterflies which have 6 pairs of ocelli.
Here is the front view with the two black ocelli on the green sawfly larva on hickory (Carya). Noting the species of plant could possibly help with the ID but I am not even trying to ID. Sawfly is enough for me today. πŸ˜‰

Find the critter!

Second find the critter!

So how did you do? Did ya find them both? The first find the critter was a Cixiid Planthopper (Cixiidae). Second one was a tiny spider. Indeed I love finding all these amazing tiny people among us.

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Hope to see you at the Trinity Forks chapter plant sale on Saturday!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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