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Spring at the Caddo NG is really wonderful. Ok spring is pretty great wherever in Texas, eh. However this spring I am on the lookout for several rare plants, Oklahoma Grasspink (Calopogon oklahomensis) and Tiny Tim (Geocarpon minimum). I know where a patch of the Oklahoma Grasspinks are, but I just think that Tiny Tim should be there too. Well, I would like to think so. πŸ˜‰ The Oklahoma Grasspink is seven or eight inches high. And Tiny Tim is really small at maybe a quarter inch high. So if you see someone with the rear in the air, it might be me. LOL.

Stopping at this site to check if the Oklahoma Grasspinks had started emerging yet. Looks like a needle in a haystack search, eh.
In the above patch I thought this might be a new Oklahoma Grasspink. However I’m not for certain. Since I am early for its season, I will come back in a few weeks to search check this site again and look further for more patches.
Jeanne thought this was a Bruchia moss.
A side view of the Bruchia. Pretty cool!
While on my hands and knees we found this liverwort.

The thallus was a purplish color. I reckoned the sporangia/umbrellas were getting old here. However I thought they looked like tiny mushrooms when I first took note of them.
Indeed the Indian Paintbrushes (Castilleja indivisa) are really just getting started!
A mystery on the tip of my knife. Actually I found it on a moss we had collected. After starring at it awhile, my thoughts make me wonder if was a tip of a cedar needle. What do you think? Well, today I confirmed to my satisfaction that it was nub of a cedar.

More tomorrow!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I thought mushrooms too at first glance. Cool sideview of the bruchia. And very interesting article about birds eating poop. Keep having fun.

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