Spring Adventures

Today (Tuesday) spring springs! And the start of my spring field season has started. Well, to be truthful my field season started on Sunday in Fannin County. You will be getting a lot posts this spring from this area. Field work will be on the Caddo NG. However when we arrived Jeanne and I took our first walk at Bonham State Park. I love this park.

The White Trout Lilies (Erythronium albidum) have finished blooming. The key in FNCT says one of the differences between this species and the E. mecochoreum is that the stem holds seed pod straight up. However E. mecochoreum‘s seed pod will lay on the ground.

Another difference is that E. albidum forms colonies.

Another difference is that E. albidum forms colonies.
Here was another difference I noticed, the sterile leaf were showing a petiole (i.e. looks like a stem here) above the ground’s surface.

Large crane flies were flying all about. And my goodness did they have beautiful green eyes!
Many Missouri Violets were blooming!
The little brown stink bug nymphs were scurrying in the leaf litter and on the trees.
Leucodon julaceus was purty hanging on the branches!
Indeed these were spectacular!
Another cluster, but this time Inky Cap mushrooms (Coprinopsis)!

It is going to be a great field season!

Study Reveals How Ancient Humans Escaped Climate Extinction 900,000 Years Ago

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Oh wow a whole bunch of Suzannes out there 😉
    Such cute mushrooms and mosses. Nice place.

  2. Yes Kathy it looks like s wonderful place. Wish we could both go with them. Interesting about the oceans receding.

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