The Devil

This afternoon I saw total of about 500 Sandhill Cranes in 4 or 5 flocks. Indeed it is always fun to hear them overhead! And as predicted my Mexican Plum was fully open! The Ten-petal Anemone (Anemone belandieri) also has popped up.

Now back to the grasslands…

The creek’s bed was rocky with many fossils. Always a fun place to explore! The water was no longer running in this section.
Perhaps the Yellow-shafted Flicker had just molted.


Some of the fossils were still clumped together.
A Devil’s Toenail fossil were showcased on a pedestal of dirt on the bank. Looking at my map I believe this area is in the Goodland Formation which is in the Cretaceous Age. The dates range from 66 to 144 million years ago. Something to think about when you pick up a fossil.
In the creek bed were some really nice ones! Many were not incased in the matrix like above.
The ammonites were few.
Equally nice mussel fossils!
Hearing aids?
The remains of a devil’s foot, just in case you have never seen one. LOL.
I mite (Acari) need help? 😉

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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