Starting to Stir

The weather certainly is very pleasant, eh! And the plants, birds, and some insects are starting to stir.

The bluebird nest looks finished. Now we wait for the eggs.
Mexican Plum will be open for business any day now!
Buds on this wild plum barely emerged.
In the same patch, another wild plum further along.

In our oldest patch, they have really made a good start! However I hope they are not too early. This patch is my favorite for the sweetest plums.

And while at the flowers, a Flower Fly (Toxomerus marginatus) came by! The markings on the abdomen will vary. And I think the middle mark looks like the outline of a flyswatter. LOL. Though that seems ironic. Furthermore these flies are great pollinators.
The first of the season Fringed Puccoon (Lithospermum incisum)! Additionally this was the earliest that I have ever recorded its appearance.

A Downy Woodpecker really was a talented drummer. She was not actually making the hole that I could tell. Just drumming. Further away I could hear others drumming as well.

Dramatic Image Reveals How Much The Sun Has Changed in Two Years

Stunning Comet Could Photobomb This April’s Total Solar Eclipse

Only 44 days until the total eclipse!

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Things are really budding here too – seems too soon!
    Great image on the fly – flyswatter for sure! I remember using those things way back when.

  2. Everything is popping at my house. Mexican plum flowers started opening yesterday. I’m on the fence about spring already arriving – August is looking mighty hot in my imagination.

    1. Forecast tomorrow is 90f! Yes I don’t think this earlier warm weather is a good thing either. 🙁 I want to build up to the hot weather at a slow pace.

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