On the Trail with Quayle

A field trip with Jeff Quayle is always fun and educational. So if you can, I highly recommend it.

Tuesday (Jan. 30) a group of us met up with Jeff for a field trip to Ft. Richardson State Park. Of course Jeff picked the perfect day! We started on the Rumbling Spring Trail near the historical fort parking lot.
Quickly we were finding interesting stuff like this pattern in a fallen log. Starry night of course. 😉

Jeff pointed out the Powdery Cloak Fern (Argyrochosma dealbata). This tiny fern is easily overlooked with its diminutive size.
Some of the rock crevices have mosses!

A Powdery Cloak Fern took a foothold with the lichens and mosses.

Indeed this was a mighty find for me, a Red Velvet Mite (Trombidium). So it was rather large for red mites I usually see on lichens and plants. In fact this little critter was a whopper at 2mm.
Then Stephanie and Jeanne caught up with me at the Rumbling Springs. So I thought we were in the middle of the group on the trail. However we learned later the rest of the group had already crossed the creek. They were ahead of us. One person apparently got a bit wet. Our crossing was at the trail’s normal path.
The trees along the trails push right through the rocks!
Lost Creek and the springs were running and crystal clear!
The Lost Creek Trail is definitely a must at Ft. Richardson State Park. However if you remember when Jim and I camped there in December all the trails are great!

So a big thanks to Jeff for organizing another great field trip!

Definitely check out other Jeff field trips scheduled for this spring at NPAT Ft. Worth chapter for a list.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. What a fun day! I’m sad I had to miss it.

    I’m confused about Boca Chica State Park. It isn’t on the TPWD state parks list on their website, and wasn’t a stop on my visit every state park project. Not a question, just commentary.

  2. Looks like an awesome state park! I don’t get to many of the N Central Texas parks as often as I would like. Will have to add it to my list.

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