Never too Old

I have been to Ft. Richardson multiple times. However I usually did the same couple trails along Lost Creek. Always enjoyable, but I’m sure there is much more to see. So on this trip I will be exploring other parts of the park. Wheee!

This was from yesterday. Today we had a nice slow rain for part of the day. And of course it didn’t slow us down. 🙂

The first walk of day started about 9am on the Prickly Pear Trail.
The locals were keeping their distance. They watched us closely.
The Prickly Pear Trail is used by more than just humans. Furthermore I have found the creatures often use the human trails. Well, it only seems fair since I often use their trails. LOL.
The bright pink flowered Lace Cacti (Echinocereus reichenbachii) will bring a sharp contrast to the yellow Prickly Pear’s flowers in late May or early June. The Lace Cacti are the small whitish cluster on the left side. So I better explore this trail again some day.
The little 2cm guy was a bit chilled. I kinda think it has been parasitized too. See the black spots. A Noctuid cat, possibly a cutworm or dart species.
A delightful flock of Field Sparrows passed us by.
Curiously the three pink Prickly Pear pads curved to the left.
Squamulose lichens like these can be on rocks and soil. It is the brown stuff surrounded by the black stuff. The genus is Psora. Also do you see the little green Sedum?

The white stuff on the cactus is the waxy stuff produced by the cochineal insects. These insects are sucking the sap from the cacti. They are preyed on by a predatory caterpillar, a species of predatory fly and a s species of a lady bug. When squished the cochineal squirts bright red. Many people have used it as a dye. Additionally it was used in food and cosmetics.
I was ahead of Jim. When he saw this doe playing with something. She was picking it up. Furthermore she was tossing it around.
She finally left it behind. In fact she had been playing with a piece of old pumpkin. Never to old to play, eh. 😉

This trail was awesome!

Birds impacted by New Year’s Eve fireworks up to 10 km away

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I’m not surprised that the doe was messing with the pumpkin. Probably got some flesh off of it but the skin is too tough. Our tame doe loves banana peels. Yes the peel. We also throw out zucchini, cucumber and most fruits when cutting up and preparing a meal. The banana peel is the funniest to watch her eat. The other deer would likely eat it also but she always gets there first because she is least scared of us.
    That is a huge cluster of Lace Cactus! I only see them as singles around here and they are rare.

    1. We got the deer coming close to the house but can’t easily see the place where I throw our scraps. Maybe I should point the wildlife camera onthe spot.
      There seems to be quite a few of the Lace Cacti clusters here.

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