Can You Find It?

Camouflage is what most creatures rely on to stay safe. Yes, some like the Monarch do advertise their presence with bright warning colors. However many creatures take a different path.

After the leaves have dropped it is good time to see where the birds nested. Next year you will know types of locations to search. 🙂

A Mourning Dove can be easily missed unless it flies away.

A butterfly can be a very hard one to spot in the leaf litter. Yes, I promise there was one there.

It was a Question Mark!
The Question Mark was definitely easier to see when its wings open.
Hint: a grasshopper.

The closeup of the Obscure Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca obscura). FYI, it had move slightly on the stem where it had been in the above photo.

Yep another critter in the leaf litter. I even know where it was and I have a hard time spotting it again.

Sometimes even knowing it was there it was hard to locate in the viewfinder. 🙂

A Goatweed Leafwing knows how to hide in plain sight. LOL

Funnel spiders and their webs are hard to see unless the sunlight hits a web just right. Or if the dew or rain droplets highlights the web. Neither of these factors played a part today. So in fact it was the small grasshopper nymph that seemed to be struggling just a bit that caught my attention. I barely had time to see the spider make her attempt for a meal. The nymph was able to get untangled just in time. Funnel spiders count on their prey getting tangled. Unlike a orbweaver’s web which relies on the stickiness of the silk to hold the prey. The funnel spiders will rush out before the prey can break loose from the tangle for an escape. Quite the adrenaline rush for both parties I bet.

So did you find all the critters? The advantage went to me since I saw most of them move a tiny bit. LOL

What’s a green flash and how can I see one?

An Iconic Landscape, Threatened by Trees

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. I love find it games. Most of yours i couldnt find until you pointed them out. Good articles too. I’ve known about the green flash but never seen one.

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