Mostly in the Open

Now we were about two thirds of the way on the Saturday five hour outing. We had clouds, a little rain, and then the sky cleared. The trail headed out towards a large meadow.

I don’t think anyone could say North Texas is not colorful. 🙂

Jeanne saw a dog/coyote catching a bat. 🙂 And at this time the blue sky was trying to peek through.

Gorgeous colors!

A Puffball (Scleroderma) cut in half to reveal its purple insides and thick outer skin. The purple part is where the spores are produced. Additionally I washed away of a bit of the dirt to look at the hyphae (mycelium) which looks similar to roots.

The water was as smooth as glass. The only ripples were from a few insects that skated on the surface.

A strange new plant? Nah, the plant went right into the old snail shell.

A tadpole stopped for a moment.
Water droplets magnified the leaf structure.

We had stopped along the horse trail’s cut bank to take a close look at the moss, Pogonatum brachyphyllum.

Then Jeanne spotted this tiny 2mm nymph. Never know what you will see with your nose to the ground. LOL

The sky had cleared by the time we made it back to the vehicle.

A lovely day indeed!

Microbes essential to plants are disappearing due to global warming

Study finds plant nurseries are exacerbating the climate-driven spread of 80% of invasive specie

Research suggests sentinel warning calls may be universally understood across continents

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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