Hit the Road for Nature

I am almost sure all of you know how vital nature is to our mental health. In fact some doctors are prescribing nature to their patients. Get out and move another study says.

If you have not been to Hagerman NWR in awhile, well you might want to hit the road like we did on Sunday. Lake Texoma is in the distance.
A good prescription on their sign!
We arrived just in time for our lunch. What a strange looking cottonwood tree at Big Mineral Creek parking and picnic area. Finishing our lunch we were off to take in the sights!

Really hope none of them hit a rock, eh.

The geese!
Most were Snow Geese.
Lesser numbers of Ross’s Geese were present too. The small one in front is a Ross’s Goose.
A White-crowned Sparrow in the Buttonbush.
Great Blue Herons are a common sight at Hagerman.
A small flock of Canada Geese too!
Dabbling ducks with their butts in the air. 😉

The American Avocet was the best bird of the day for me!

A fine cold Sunday was perfect for a visit to Hagerman!

“Mummified” Bees From the Time of the Pharaohs Discovered in Portugal

490-million-year-old trilobite species found in ancient ash deposits

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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