The Earth Moved

Indeed I got a small surprise when I checked the rain total from yesterday. We got .17″ and yes small but definitely most welcome. 🙂

First news of the day, the Luna Moth caterpillar had been parasitized by a fly or something. I had been recording caterpillar but the fly larvae came out a hole on the underside. Thus definitely no moth video this time. Oh well, it is all part of nature.
No need to go far to see fall colors with our weird shaped Bur Oak in our front yard. LOL.

The remains of a Partridge Pea’s (Chamaecrista fasciculata) flower.
The leaves were equally as beautiful.

Side shot of the Fall Asters (Symphyotrichum ericoides). This species is about finished for the season at our house.

The water droplet from last night’s rain was like a jewel on a ground spider’s web.

So someone really torn up a stinkhorn. I do not know which species because there are a couple of orange stalked ones that I know of here. One is the Dog Stinkhorn (Mutinus caninus): the other is the Stalked Lattice Stinkhorn (Lysurus periphragmoides).

But while I was looking at the stinkhorn, the earth moved! Now play in your head the sound track of Jaws or another of your favorite scary movie. Not leaving well enough alone, I tried to undercover it. First with a stiff piece of a weed. Then once I uncovered the hole I poked the grass blade down the hole. Maybe the creature from beneath would grab hold.

After five minutes, the Opaque Earth Boring Beetle (Geotrupes opacus) came out. Whew, it was harmless. LOL. Geotrupes is Greek for earth-borer. And appropriately it was doing its job!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. So did the earth-boring beetle tear up the stinkhorn? Or was the proximity to the ruins a coincidence, do you think?

    1. I just assumed that it was a coincidence but then a tiny thought crossed my mind…maybe since the stinkhorn stinks it thought yum??? Of course that was just a wild thought 🤔 So no idea.

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