Purple, Red, and Blue

Darn nice is how I would described the temperature this morning. With a low of 61F, we worn a light jacket on the early morning walk. Yep, darn nice!

Looky! The Narrow-leaf Gayfeather ((Liatris punctata var mucronata) has started to bloom!
Multiple of the Bee Flies (Exoprosopa fasciata) were at the Liatris cafe.

Two even manage to share a small space. 🙂 As I was getting my shots a chunky little yellow bee fly zoomed by. It was too fast.

This was the purple. Next the red.

A Honey Locust was covered in sap from top to bottom on side of its trunk. Indeed it seemed a lot to me.
Dodging the thorns I got in close. Gorgeous! So I am not sure what was going on with the large amount of sap.

The sap was pretty solid so a beetle scurried over it with no problem.

Had the Differential Grasshopper got stuck? Nope. Then I turned my attention to the globs.

First a reflection count my eye as I scanned for an insect that might have got trapped.

A cool Y shape!

Definitely a dolphin’s head!
Indeed the head of a duck. Turn your outside lights off at night. It is migration season.

Another duck!

Last glob, a string with two globs!

You gotta love the globs!

Finally here is the blue. So my guess is a Fiery Searcher (Calosoma scrutator). But that certainly is only a guess.

So the Liatris is starting to bloom. Indeed I have my fingers crossed for the Monarchs.

First Look: Pecan Springs Karst Preserve

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Smart Toilets and Licking Rocks

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. That sap is really cool – so much in so many forms. Oooozy day.
    Hope we can all visit the new Pecan Springs Karst one day – will need to keep a lookout for tour dates – sounds wonderful.

  2. I don’t often have time to open the links but just had to check out the Pecan Springs Karst Preserve. How neat of a place and to be donated. Since I was at a cave this summer I could really picture the description of that. And the idea of water flowing right now through all this drought is amazing. Sounds like beautiful land.
    Love the amber sap and all the shapes. I scroll slowly since you like to put in things that you see faces or animals in so I can guess before I get to the print. Yep I saw the dolphin right off.
    It is exciting down here. After all that rain there are little green sprouts everywhere that I’m dying to know what they are. So hopeful when the seeds germinate and green starts to appear.

    1. Kathy, So happy to hear you are finally getting some rain. And you get more to keep your new little sprouts going 🤞🏼Such a wonderful donation for sure! Can’t wait to see someday.

    1. And that is why I keep hoping to see an insect stuck in one. No luck. Which to me makes those old amber with the insects even more incredible and probably? rare.?

  3. I’m with Jeanne – let’s visit the Karst Springs reserve as soon as we can. Hooray for your post-rain green up, Kathy!

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