The Internet is being flaky here at my house tonight. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If the photo is there, it is a Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva aurea).


  1. Rain or no rain? Seems it comes down very spotty. I heard in town they had 3 inches this past week. We thought 1.7″ was awesome plus a few showers since. But today we went over to our lease. This is the place Claire stayed with me and my parents for a February birding weekend. The have had less than half an inch. Our creek is very very very low. Tanks are empty. Remember going out in the pasture to that pond Claire? It has been totally dry for a year now.
    Our part of the Pedernales is running but above us aways where the bridge crosses over, it is dry. So we must have a spring just above our section. And the spring is flowing. May have to do some river hiking to see if we can tell where.
    Claire, I took you down to the river near our farm too and we got to count a pair of mallards, if you can remember back.

  2. Kathy you talking about river not running reminds me of the llano when it quit running a few years ago. Then it flooded and was within six inches of our house. So the pedernales might do the same.🤞🏽

    1. I remember that flood and the bridge being taken out at Kingsland. Our Pedernales has come across the highway 3 times, twice were in my lifetime. Luckily we are up a hill. The last time it came across the highway it washed highway pavement away on the curve down the road from us. Growing up with such floods, i respect the power of water!

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