Our great-nephews were here for the weekend. A really hot time of the year to be out to enjoy nature but we made the most it.

Indeed it was certainly too hot to be out in the heat in the afternoon. So they started off their visit with water balloons. We waited until dark to do the fun nature stuff.

With the UV torches we set off in search of glowing critters.

In fact they set the world record for twenty-two scorpions found that night on the Curry Ranch! Among the scorpions they found was one baby scorpion and another with prey.

To top the night off a glowing armadillo met us as we heading back in the house. I didn’t know they had a hint of blue glow.

This was the first time the boys had ever seen scorpions. A fine way to end their evening.

Early the next morning we walked over to our woods to release a Waved Sphinx caterpillar they had found the night before.
The boys had found the glowing cat using the UV light. It is a great way to hunt for insects and spiders at night.

Be free little cat!
They also had fun cleaning the algae out of the obelisk trough. Thank you guys!
Next stop was crinoid hunting near Lake Bridgeport. Here I was showing them what crinoids looked like.
By 10am it was already getting really hot. We only stayed a half hour but good stuff was found! The crinoids at Lake Bridgeport area are in the Pennsylvanian period. The date range is 323.2 million years ago–298.9 million years ago.

It was time to get out of heat with the crinoids treasures bagged.

A quick stop at the lake for mussel shells.
Cooling off.

So the scorpions and fossil hunting were firsts for the boys. And despite the heat it was great nature time! Next time maybe the boys can come in cooler weather. 🙂

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Hi Mary,

    As always, I enjoy your posts. I just wanted to comment on this one because I think your nephews are very lucky to have you introducing them to nature!


  2. Indeed they are lucky to have you for their aunt. They will always remember their visit with you. I love that the armadillo flower blue.

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