A Greenbriar’s smile

The erosion area was most interesting. However, there was a rise to one side that I could not see over. Thus it called for an investigation as well.

A Greenbriar corm was smiling. Therefore I took that as a sign of good fortune. wouldn’t you? Of course you would!

First, a crustose lichen (Chaenothecopsis species) was near the top.

A second lichen patch of Yellow Scale (Psora icterica) was nearby.

In the leaf litter, a tenacle. In fact, I thought it looked like it the spring had sprung.

So with just a little further investigation I confirmed to myself it was from a Greenbriar.

With no where to go, it gave itself a hug.

Reaching the top of the rise, I looked down the other side. Oh my gosh, a bright green spot. I mean bright. Of course, I had to look.

It was nice patch of Hairy cap moss (Pogonatum brachyphyllum)! FYI, I made the common name up. So do you agree that it was bright green?

A closer view. The bright green stuff is protonema. In fact, this is the first growth stage of a bryophyte.

A close view of the caps/hoods. Or more properly called the calyptrae (plural).

The leaves have what are called lamellae. The lamellae are the one-cell thick green hair-like things in this leaf section. This photo was from a previous specimen collected on a different outing. I did not collect any of the moss on this trip.

Hence, this was an exciting find. So this was only the second find of this species for me. The Pogonatum brachyphyllum is endemic to eastern North America.

Indeed, the Greenbriar corm did smile its fortune on me. šŸ™‚

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Pogonatum is very cool – I remember first finding it at the grassllands with you and Allen and Scott.

  2. So bright of a color of green that I can understand how it caught your attention. So is the hairy cup moss and the green stuff two different organisms? And what looks like a rosette of leaves is the moss itself that the reproductive cap comes out of? It looks like a miniature version of some cool greenhouse plants that people grow. Or could be a cool terrarium plant.

    1. Kathy, The protonema is the initial growth of the moss. So the green stuff(protonema) , the gametophyte (the leafy part) and sporophyte (capsule part where the spores develop) are all part of this same moss. For some reason this particular moss, the protonema is more visible. And yes the reproductive part, the sporophyte develops off the leaves.

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