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A day or so ago, a person was asking me about the LBJ Grasslands. So in the process of answering the questions, I came across several things you can access for free. Who doesn’t like free? 🙂

You can download this map! And unlike the paper map currently available from the Forest Service, this older version has the unit numbers. In addition, I found this link to a pdf downloadable trail map. As you can see, a map is essential for exploring the grasslands. The different units or allotments are interspersed with private property. So do not trespass on private property. If you follow a horse trail, it should not be a problem. The units range in size from 5.7 to 2969 acres. Total number is 20,250 acres. So please follow all the safety rules and let someone know where you plan to go.
A nice short history of the grasslands… Sunrise on unit 76. (2022-7-22)

A view from the mesa on unit 71! (2022-07-10)

Unit 48! (2022-11-19)

You may see the occasional tree with a band of red. These are bearing marker trees. Also most units will have a unit number sign on or near the gate.

Watch for boundary signs. Some of the signs are quite old, shot up and otherwise hard to find. A new one placed on a new fence.

Rucker’s Pond!

With new grant money, new kiosks have been installed in some places.

However, there are still the old wooden kiosks. Be sure to read them for important notices.

Indeed, the signs posted are important! Usually prescribed burns are done in the winter to early spring. Of course this will only happen if conditions permit. Call the Forest Service for information. The number is 940-627-5475.

Horse rider gates are affectionally referred to as Dolly gates. These gates allow a horse rider to go through without dismounting. Dolly is a clever person. Close the gates!

A fee area called TADRA (Texas Arabian Distance Riding Association). Of course, it was designed for folks with horses.

Black Creek Lake is another fee area for camping, swimming, and fishing. No hunting allowed on this unit! All other units allow for hunting. Wear your hunter orange to be safe. Go to TPWD for season info. FYI, I saw a few species of water birds here today.

In summary, read the signs, be aware of your surroundings, and enjoy! So whether you drive, walk, or ride, all LBJ grasslands roads lead to amazing places!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Nice views and these are just barely touching all that the grasslands has to offer. Beauty, views, wildlife, native plants, etc.

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