A Frosty Morning (Nov. 17th)!

T’was a frosty morning on November 17th! However, it soon warmed up and was the perfect day for collecting plants.

At home our Frostweed really did well! Indeed, a lot more than the first time. Furthermore, it had gotten down to 26 degrees that morning (Nov 17)!.

A milkweed seed and its fluff sparkled with frost!

Once I met up with Jeanne and Alan for exploring and plant gathering, we headed to the far end of the private property to start. Of course we had permission for harvesting. A bright green moss covered the fallen log!

So this may be hard to see, but I thought the burl reminded me of a young elephant. 🙂

An Eastern Red Cedar loaded with berries. Only the female cedar has berries.

At the edge of small shady hill, a patch of peg lichen (Cladonia subcariosa)!

The moss damped from the recent rain was bright green!

A green lacewing larva sat on a foliose lichen! It was only about two millimeters!

The single stalked egg of a lacewing. Oaks seem to be a favorite place for their eggs. However, the eggs are laid on other plant species. The stalk stands about five millimeters tall. So slow down and examine the plants!

We found an old cardinal’s nest!

Jeanne picked up an egg that was left behind. Ooops, it cracked. Luckily it did not stink.

The Split-beard Bluestem had gone to seed. So I collected a few of the seeds.

Final collection was a spot that I had previous marked with a jaw bone. Indeed, I was able to easily find the plant by my marker! The plant was Black Dalea with the Thurber’s Pilostyles.

In addition to the aforementioned plants, I collected these as well; Willow-leaf Sunflower, skullcap, Hypericum, seeds of Silphium laciniatum. Now I just hope to keep them alive. Wish me luck! 🙂

Today, November 20 was even colder at our house. In fact, twenty-two degrees was our low.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


    1. We went on the way out west once. Only staying a few hours, it was beautiful. We saw the prairie dog town and a Burrowing Owl are my best memories!

  1. I can usually see your critters but i failed to see an elephant, baby or otherwise. I love the frosted milkweed seed. Gorgeous.

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