Ready, set, gone!

Today’s post will sum up Edgar’s time at his nestling home, our well house. Including never before seen photos and movies of Edgar’s nestling-hood! Sounds dramatic eh 😉 LOL

March 9th. One of the expectant parents stood watch at the well house. Cold weather was still with us. In fact on March 11th we had sleet! Today (July 8th) it was 105 here.

March 16th. Parent dropping in!

March 16th. Two eggs!

March 24th. Edgar started out with a sibling. But which one is Edgar? It will be obvious in a moment.

April 9th. Mystery solved. The egg in front has a small hole in it. So Edgar was the other one!

April 10th. My window into Edgar’s nursery!

April 14th. The big day had arrived!

April 14th. Edgar looks so tiny! At this point, Edgar did not have his name on his hatch certificate until Suzanne suggested the name on May 24th post and so it stuck. LOL. However, his parents may have already named him 😉

April 14th. Little Edgar can not standing yet. Trying not to disturb the parents too much, I am not sure of the exact hatch date.

April 22nd. A parent watching over little Edgar. So sweet!

April 27th. Still not standing.

May 4th. Growing bigger!

May 20th.Still mighty fuzzy! And getting cuter everyday 🙂

May 24th. Look at those pin feathers, getting his big boy clothes LOL.

May 30th. Forty-seven days old!

June 7th. Edgar is moving around the nursery a lot.

June 12th. Fifty-nine days and he now has gotten some real feathers around his head!

June 19th! Whoa, his feathers are filling in fast!

June 21st. Sixty-eight days old!

June 23th. Seventy days old.

June 26th. Seventy-three days old! Edgar had been practicing for some time getting up on the bladder by the evidence of the poop on it. Look back at June 12th’s photo.

June 28th. Over to the nearby snag! Seventy-five days old!

June 28th. Edgar had become quite the looker! He made it back to the roof!

June 30. Seventy-seven days old.

June 30th. Parents are nearby!

June 30th. My daily trip up the ladder to fetch the SD card from the camera.

June 30th. Ready, set, pause, GO!

June 30th. Edgar got a lot of practice in that day!

July 3rd. Edgar settling down for the night. Eighty days old! Last night in the old well house! Edgar has started his vultcational school the next day! Juvenile Black Vultures remain dependent on their parents for up to eight months after fledging.

Edgar was gone! His independent day was on the 4th of July. I think this is the parent looking for the memories?

Thank you Edgar for the fun memories! Wave at Edgar next time you see him. I know I will. 🙂 And thanks to Judy for lending me the wildlife camera!

Could plastic made from bacteria guts help solve our waste crisis?

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. What a beautiful and delightful story. Thank you so much for the trip with Edgar. Who couldn’t love him/her. Im anxiously awaiting your next release.

  2. I’ve followed Edgar’s story with so much pleasure and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it again. He’s lucky to have a “godmother” like you and we’re lucky to have you to tell his story.

  3. Awwww, Edgar’s baby album! He looked just like a Weeble when he was a tiny hatchling. I laughed out loud at the Ready, Set, Pause, GO video. Thanks for such great documentation, Mary!

  4. What a wonderful piece of documentation. You are a marvel and an inspiration to us all Mary. Thank you. 😊

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