Ladonia Fossil Park

The Ladonia Fossil Park has moved to a new temporary park on the Sulphur River. We were heading back to the camp. And thought we should stop by and try our luck for a bit.

A bullet riddled sign.

A new lake is being constructed , thus the new location of the fossil park.

When we reached the river via the path, this is what we found…MUD. No way were we going to venture out there.

These were someone else’s footprints going back up the trail.

So we decided to go to another place where we had seen people actually down in the river. Here is the view at the bottom on Hwy 68. We were closer and it was not all mud like the other location.

Jeanne headed in. She sunk up to the top of her boots. Glad the boots were water proof. And I was even more glad that I watched her go for it first. LOL. Jeanne did reach solid ground out there. However, she had to come back to shore. Luckily for her that her boots were securely on.

A curtain of algae hung down where the water was flowing into the river.

Here is the shale like material at the edge of the river. It was fun to see even if we didn’t hunt for the fossils. Bottom line…if you go, you better have some muck boots and be prepared. LOL.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I knew you should wear rubber boots to hunt fossils there. Bought some just for that years ago. Theyve never been worn. We planned on going but never made it. Good article.

  2. The river looks deceiving. I don’t guess I will be going hunting there, but I have found shark teeth in Florida so I’m good 😉

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